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Bat Mitzvah & Bar Mitzvah Discos

Childrens Discos London have proved time and again that you can have a top‑class, fun‑filled party without the DJ and music being so loud that the guests struggle to talk. We are proud of our diversity and professionalism and can arrange a variety of first class events for the members of our community.

Our events are a good case in point.

We are well aware that every Bat or Bar Mitzvah is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.
Such an incredibly important event demands an incredibly good Bat or Bar Mitzvah DJ. It is in this niche that we are proud to say that we can deliver.

We will provide you with an exceptional DJ for your Bat or Bar Mitzvah party and ensure that you and your guests have a memorable and entertaining celebration.

Our DJs have all been chosen for their fantastic charisma. Each of them will play their part in realising your ideals and aspirations, far exceeding just the delivery of the music on the night in question.

Not only will we provide a selection of music that is second to none. We can offer a supplementary range of Bat or Bar Mitzvah family party entertainment, such as a karaoke hour, an amazing table magician, or a fun for all photo booth.

We have an exceptional collection of music including a numerous traditional Israeli dance favourites and traditional Klezmer. We carry a huge variety of musical genres to every event.

This includes a huge ever-changing box of current and traditional Barmitzvah hits.

On the big day, there will also be plenty of other simcha music with special meaning to you and your family.

We will tirelessly work with you to make sure that everything runs according to your timetable and that all your core hits are included, in the right sections, according to your playlist.

Once the key instructions are received, you can relax and leave the rest in our very safe and experienced hands.

All of our skilled MCs and DJs have an extensive background in family entertainment and possess that elusive knowledge of what makes a good party great.

They are capable of delivering an amazing atmosphere time after time.

Our professional DJs are also aware that no two parties or Mitzvah events are ever the same. This is why all our DJs listen very carefully to your preferences and just to be certain will always confirm everything in writing.

We will follow your meticulously planned timetable and musical preferences to the letter.

However, on the night we will happily swap things around on your request, after all you are the customer and in our books the customer is always king.

Our aim is to provide perfect DJ entertainment and create a sophisticated atmosphere which will not only meet but hopefully surpass your vision for the night.

Creating that magical night to remember, is all about the DJ having and being willing and able to play a mixture of music that will suit all tastes and age ranges.

Adults will have an idea of the kind of music they want, that may not suit the younger attendees, and vice versa. The secret is to be willing to play an eclectic mix that suits all age groups … alternating seamlessly between the music that young people and the adults want to hear and reacting instinctively to the mood on the dancefloor.

This builds up a great Mitzvah celebration vibe and gets absolutely everyone into the party spirit.

Please contact us for more information about our professional Bat and Bar Mitzvah events.

Planning your event with Childrens Discos London is the first step to guaranteeing a fantastic Mitzvah party that will be memorable for a lifetime.

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